Chandos Construction

What We Did

Creative Direction & Videography

The Client

The VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) and BIM (Building Information Modeling) team at Chandos collaborates on virtual models to test ideas and optimize building performance. They do this by using virtual models that clients and owners can immerse themselves in. They use their collaborative approach and diversity to challenge the status quo of how construction is done. This team is special, but not just because of the technology they use.

The Project

The VDC team is located across Canada and around the globe. We needed to be creative when filming this video to make it as seamless as possible, all while including the whole team in a real-life manner.


Our goal was to create a video that showcased the flexibility and connectedness of the VDC team, while focusing on members here in Alberta as well as Ottawa.

Welcome to Chandos Construction

Chandos exists to build a better world. Their vision is to be the most collaborative and innovative commercial builder in North America by 2030. They are ambitiously working towards goals to embrace and champion inclusion, collaboration, ingenuity, and innovation. They came to Habit to help tell some of these stories in a video.

The Video

Our first video shoot was of the entire team meeting virtually in the Edmonton Chandos office. With two of the team members, Vince and Hunter there in person, and the rest connecting via the web, this was a very crucial part of the VDC to capture. The collaboration of members from across Canada was a key component of the shoot and this was the perfect setting to showcase this interaction. Following this meeting, we interviewed Vince and Hunter about their roles in the VDC, how it had come to fruition, how it integrates into Chandos’ process, and what they hoped it would become in the future.

With these initial shots and interviews in the can, it was time to expand the story to capture the more individual faces of the team. Our next subject was Harpreet, the team member in Chandos’ Calgary office. Our goal with this shoot was to show Harpreet working remotely in an office setting while engaging with the rest of the VDC team. The experience that she brought to the table was very different from the previous team members that we had interviewed, so this helped to speak to the diversity of the team.

Our final shoot in Alberta would take place on a Chandos construction site in Drayton Valley. This was a very different setting from our other office shoots, and it was the perfect opportunity to show the versatile application of the work that the VDC team does. The integration of the digital planning that the VDC does was evident throughout the shoot as we explored the site with Vince and Hunter. This meeting of the analog and the digital world was truly a glimpse into the future of construction. As we toured the site armed with an iPad, we could look at the build and bring up detailed schematics that would reveal an augmented reality view of the work in progress, the steps remaining, and the final outcome. This was a key part of the process to capture as it showed the practical application of the work that the VDC does.

In addition to the footage we captured in Alberta, we also contracted a videographer in Ottawa to spend a day with team members Lauren and Alex. Mixing this in with archival footage from previous Chandos shoots in Vancouver, we had a highly diverse pool of content to pull from. This was very important to us as it allowed us to visually connect with our story of diversity and connectivity.

The goal of the final edit was to establish the separate nature of the VDC team up front, and then throughout the video expand on the individual aspects of its operation to show how its diversity resulted in a greater level of connectedness.

The Results

In the end, the client loved the video and the storytelling behind it. Thankfully the whole team was a huge help and very easy to work with. Thanks, Chandos!

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