Diligence + Ability

What We Did

Branding, Communications, Marketing & Web

The Client

On Site Placement helps Edmontonians with employment barriers find meaningful work. Now, they’ve developed a social enterprise as an off-shoot of OSP, and a business in and of itself. OSP began their journey to developing this social enterprise component by offering cleaning services using employees with barriers. They currently offer services for residential and commercial cleaning, property maintenance and flyer delivery and now plan to expand the services they staff with multiple offerings including renovation cleaning services.

The Project

OSP (On-Site Placement) came to Habit looking for a new name and brand for their social enterprise organization and thus Dility was born. To raise awareness an ad campaign along with partnership collateral was created.

OSP’s new social enterprise needed a name, a brand, and an ad campaign. It needed to be friendly, approachable and inclusive to all. This meant a brand that intrigued both potential workers as well as business owners.


Develop a successful brand awareness and lead generation campaign for the OSP Social Enterprise. We aimed to establish a customer base of 10-15 businesses (B2B0 and increase client roster of employees with barriers (B2C) by 25 – 50 potential clients.

The Project

Our job was to create a one-of-a-kind brand for Dility, develop a landing page, and plan a full launch campaign. Our goals were to clearly and effectively establish a brand and position for Dility, build awareness and credibility and attract and secure new workers and customers.


OSP did not have a name for their new social enterprise. We created a name that simultaneously recalls “dilligence” and “ability” — Dility. It’s also fun to say.

Three stylescapes (moodboards) were developed around the chosen name, and three key brand attributes: human, flexible and imaginative. The stylescape chosen helped set the tone and vibe for the logo, collateral, as well as help guide brand language.

From the name, we began crafting brand language using a voice and tone that got people excited about the uniqueness a social enterprise can bring to their company, or as a worker with employment barriers.

We then focused on creating a logo that showed humans who faced barriers to employment. Our simple logo included two people facing a barrier right within the type itself. Dility has a mission to break down workforce barriers for people with employment challenges seen with the red human (representing stop) to the green human (representing go) on the other side of the wall (lower case l).

A business package along with a poster and flyer were created to launch the brand. Fun hand-drawn illustrations were used throughout the photos and stationary to add a touch of unexpected playfulness to the brand.

The Results

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