Don't Move A Mussel

Okanagan Basin Water Board

What We Did

Creative, Communications & Video

The Client

The Okanagan Basin Water Board (OBWB) was formed as a local government agency that provides leadership on water issues that span the Okanagan Valley. Among the OBWB’s programs is Okanagan WaterWise (OkWW) – a public outreach and education program. Every year they run the Don’t Move a Mussel campaign aimed at protecting Okanagan waters from invasive zebra and quagga mussels. DMM has largely been a communication and education campaign that promotes awareness around invasive species and their harms and effects. Their focus is on awareness and influencing and changing behaviour sets.

The Project

The Okanagan valley is one Canada’s best places to visit. It’s also at risk of being destroyed by invasive mussels. The Okanagan Basin Water Board came to Habit to help spread the message, not the mussel.

Our creative campaign needed to have bite. Our messaging needed to be clever, fun and creative to communicate the quite sobering message that the beaches, ecology, economy and property values would be severely impacted should a mussel invasion occur.


Raise awareness and influence Okanagan residents to take an active role in protecting the water resources in the Okanagan Valley and to connect and engage with local and tourist watercraft owners on invasive mussel prevention.

The Project

We created a campaign and additional support materials to raise awareness on “Don’t Move a Mussel”. Our strategy included the use of a social media ad campaign, digital advertising, radio/streaming ads, billboards, physical activations, swag items, website updates as well as updated collateral pieces.


Zebra mussels are tiny, but their growth is exponential—and so is the damage they can cause. The Okanagan valley’s biggest threat is so small, you might miss it. After that, it’s too late. Our creative concept visually links mussels with perhaps one of the most threats humans have ever faced in the water, sharks, illustrating the threat is bigger than we could ever imagine.


Our message is clear, and our billboards, black and white. These high contrast boards were put alongside major corridors into the Okanagan Valley, catching the eyes of any watercraft-carrying vehicle.


We ran ads on Spotify in hopes of targeting those hauling their boats in and out of the area, always reminding them to clean, drain and dry their boat and any items that touch the water.

Social Media

Don’t let invasive mussels sink our lakes. Our water, beaches and local ecosystem are at risk. Property values could drop. Taxes could go up. And our beautiful Okanagan lake could be ruined. Remember to Clean, Drain, Dry. Spread the message, not the mussel. Learn more at

If we don’t do anything, we risk losing everything. Help make sure all watercraft and fishing gear gets the Clean, Drain, Dry treatment before entering Okanagan water. Spread the message, not the mussel. Learn more at

CLEAN — Inspect your watercraft and equipment. Clean off all plants, animals and mud. If power washing is available, use that wand. Pew pew.

DRAIN — Drain all items that hold water on dry land. That includes buckets, wells, bilge and ballast. Yarrr.

DRY — Dry it all up. Completely. Invasive mussels can live 30 days out of water but in damp conditions. If you’ve been in infested waters you will be required to be decontaminated and possibly quarantined. Only then is it safe to launch your watercraft and toys into another body of water. See you out there!

Learn more at

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The Results

Habit is proud to play a part in keeping the Okanagan beautiful and mussel-free for years to come. Remember if you visit there, or any other lakes, always clean, drain and dry your boat! Arr, mateys!

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