Mayfield Dinner Theatre

A Branding Ovation

What We Did

Branding & Web

The Client

The Mayfield Dinner Theatre has been Canada’s number-one dinner theatre for over 25 years. They put on great productions, often starring world-famous stage actors, and serve incredible meals prepared by the Mayfield’s master chefs.

The Project

After so long in the business, the Mayfield team knew it was time to reach a younger audience with a rebrand and a modern website.


Reach a younger audience with a rebrand and website refresh.

Act 1: The Logo

Dinner theatre appeals to the young and the young at heart, and the Mayfield wanted a logo to reflect that. We took our inspiration from the classic theatre marquees you see in movies for a traditional feel that appeals to more mature audiences. By adding a vivid colour palette and a bold, unexpected typeface, we created a modern look that’s accessible for younger audiences, too. The final logo takes the shape of an abstract ticket stub — progressive, but with just a hint of retro — that brings a little extra energy to business cards, envelopes, and letterhead.

Act 2: The Website

The Mayfield wanted their new website to be functional and exciting, but we went a note higher. The site features clean navigation and a well-structured information hierarchy to make it easy for theatre patrons to find their way around. Each page has bright, eye-catching banners, and the home page draws immediate attention to the show now playing.

The back end of the site is hosted on WordPress, our favourite powerful and intuitive open-source platform. The theatre’s seasonal rotation means the Mayfield’s staff need us to update content on a regular basis, and WordPress’s über-friendly user interface makes it easy to do that.

The Results

Equipped with a youthful brand personality and a vibrant new website, the Mayfield Dinner Theatre now appeals to audiences of all ages, setting the stage for another 25 years as Canada’s favourite dinner theatre.

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