Mayfield Dinner Theatre

Gourmet Fare, Broadway Flair!

What We Did

Brand Refresh & Website Design

The Client

The Mayfield Dinner Theatre experience combines the sizzle of a gourmet feast with the electrifying energy of live theatre, creating an unforgettable evening you won’t experience anywhere else.

The Project

The Mayfield team came to us asking for a small brand refresh (refreshing the brand colorand applying this to a new website to be more modern and appealing.


Reach a younger audience with a refresh and website refresh that is also more functional.

The Logo & Brand Refresh

Mayfield wanted just a simple logo refresh. They wanted the logo to be more horizontal with an updated colour palette that was more exciting and theatrical. We updated the brand and website copy to appeal to a younger demographic, as well as included a tagline "Gourmet Fare, Broadway Flair!" to really add to the exciting and theatrical refresh overall.

The Website

For the website, Mayfield wanted this to be more current, they felt their website was a touch outdated. The website had issues with compatibility with different devices and really needed some brightening up.

The direction that we went with uses premium imagery, which takes center stage, while the brand colours and graphics are all kept simple. We wanted to use movements with the images and make these less static overall.

The Results

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