North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance


What We Did

Creative & Web

The Client

The North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA) is a not-for-profit organization collaborating with a diverse range of stakeholders to find practical solutions to watershed issues. Along with protecting and improving the watershed, they also educate and increase the public’s understanding of watershed protection.

The Project

After five years of operations, the NSWA had matured and they were interacting with the world differently. Initially born out of government initiative, it made sense to cite the provincial connection all the time. With a shift to working on the ground with local groups and watershed users, it was time for a change in presence.


Create a fresh new website, fact sheets and video.

The Website

Habit had recently completed the VRWA (Vermilion River Watershed Alliance) website, NSWA realized they could develop their own site on WordPress instead of Droople, which is what they had started to do. They wanted a fresh slate instead of just tweaks, and they wanted it done by a single team so everything would be consistent.

Fact Sheets

With the success of the website and video, NSWA asked us to develop fact sheets that reflected the newly expanded brand. This included custom maps and iconography to support and highlight important content.

20 Year Anniversary

NSWA has existed for 20 years, and to commemorate that achievement, they wanted to create a video to highlight the great work they do protecting the watershed in this province. Being a multi-stakeholder organization, there were many voices that needed to be shared to express the full impact that NSWA and it’s initiatives has had.

We travelled around the province to interview scientists, municipal officials, engineers, and albertans living on the watershed to hear about how NSWA and the North Saskatchewan watershed has affected their lives. To visually convey the wide reaching influence of the NSWA, we needed to show the North Saskatchewan River in all of its many forms. No two faces of the river look the same, so it was important for us to capture footage from many different locations to highlight it’s diversity. The passion of those involved in the protection and stewardship of the river is truly remarkable and we are hopeful that their dedication will help to motivate more people to inform themselves and get involved as well.

The Results

We set out to establish and encourage brand awareness for the NSWA and reach a broader audience with a message that would resonate for a long time. On the whole, we saw incredible results.