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Environmental Design

The Client

Qualico is one of the largest development companies in western Canada. Their commercial division manages over three million square feet of commercial space and is developing over four million more. They built and manage 17 commercial properties in the Edmonton area.

The Project

In April 2016, Qualico asked us to create a large graphic wrap for a temporary wall in EPCOR Tower, a class-A tower in downtown Edmonton. The wall was being used as hoarding for an under-construction restaurant. Unfortunately, it had a poor graphic treatment that didn’t reflect the tower’s high-value feel.


Design a graphic to reflect EPCOR Tower's high-value aesthetic

The client wanted an illustrative map with stats and facts about the tower, including the time it would take to travel from that location to different downtown destinations. We designed a graphic that incorporated all of Qualico’s requests in a way that felt genuine to the Epcor Tower brand.

Qualico loved our design, but they wanted to hold off on applying it until the restaurant’s identity was confirmed. The plan was to wait for proper hoarding to go up, then cover it with the new graphic. If the restaurant didn’t come to be, we would cover the wall with the graphic according to the original request.

Two months later, Qualico confirmed that the new hoarding would cover the newly built BUCO Pizzeria + Vino Bar, which was scheduled to open in 2016. They asked us to add a decal to the initial graphic to announce the restaurant. We felt the decal should look like an intentional part of the design and not feel like an afterthought, so we introduced it as part of a subtle skyline.

The large digital print treatment was manufactured and printed in our own local fabrication shop, then applied to both drywall and glazing. As it turned out, BUCO’s opening was delayed until 2018, so the hoarding stayed up for two years longer than we anticipated. This wasn’t a problem, though: the design continued to support the EPCOR Tower brand and look great the whole time.

The Results

In fact, Qualico loved our extension of their brand so much that they started using our illustrative concept in more of their branded materials for the building.

Environmental Design
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