Results Driven Agriculture Research

What We Did

Branding, Marketing & Web

The Client

RDAR is arms-length from the Alberta provincial government and unencumbered by stricter systems. It’s imperative that Alberta’s agriculture research achieves outcomes that can be applied in the field— for real, measurable results. RDAR is creating an integrated model, where a new culture of research, collaboration and talent will thrive. By connecting producers to scientists, educational institutions, and private industry, RDAR is working for one common goal: to make Alberta agriculture as profitable and sustainable as possible.

The Project

RDAR (Results Driven Agriculture Research) enables Alberta producers to determine priorities and lead agriculture research. By collaborating with scientists and researchers, they tap into existing talent and fund ideas generated by innovators to push the boundaries of Alberta’s agriculture potential. They came to Habit in need of some big ideas to help them grow. We gave them just that.

Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR) was a very new organization with no established brand.


Develop a strong, brand identity that can be used in all communications and platforms, allowing the organization to be easily recognized across the agriculture industry.

The Project

Our job was to create a brand for RDAR that was to be interpreted and recognized as a trusted organization that positions them as a leader at the forefront of the agriculture industry.


RDAR needed a system of language to communicate with their stakeholders. We worked on their brand language, giving them the tools to communicate with their internal and external stakeholders. A series of taglines were also developed, letting Albertans know that RDAR is the place where “Big Ideas Grow.”

We also focused on a brand that was fresh, bold, future-focused and ag-friendly. We developed several stylescapes using a variety of colour palettes, typography and graphic treatments, all focusing on their audience as the end user. We landed on a visual system of duotone images, swooping pathways and a system of colours.

A dynamic logo was created. The four seeds in the icon stand for the values of RDAR — integrity, collaboration, innovation and legacy. The seeds are joined by three paths which represent the connection of crop producers, livestock producers, and researchers. The three dark green lines within the icon are also reminiscent of a DNA helix. One path is blazing a new trail in agriculture research, but still journeying towards the centre of the icon. This is where big ideas grow.


A suite of easy to use collateral was developed, ranging from powerpoint decks, letterheads and pull up banners.

RDAR was also looking for a trade show video to support their team. Using interviews they took on Zoom, we created a video that could be watched with sound, or muted.

Website Design

RDAR’s website was created to showcase their news and updates, research projects, blogs, and most importantly, a place for groups to apply for research funding. Visit the live website at rdar.ca.

The Results

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