A New Era of Health Solutions

What We Did

Branding & Website Design

The Client

SinoVeda is a Canadian pharmaceutical company that makes botanical products and prescription medicines for all kinds of health conditions. With their patented in-house technology and a range of products ready to hit shelves in Asia and North America, they’re about to do some pretty exciting things.

The Project

SinoVeda asked us to design a new website in a way that showed they were in the business of natural health products. When we got started, we realized that the process of building their site was also an exercise in refreshing their brand.

Our objective was to help the brand evolve in a way that communicates that SinoVeda is doing big things in a different way. Everything would focus on their new brand promise, which looked inward at the company’s growth and progress: “A New Era of Health Solutions.”


Rebuild the website to present SinoVeda to investors as a leading nutraceutical company.


SinoVeda was planning an upcoming presentation for investors and other businesses, so that was both our deadline and our goal. The existing website was dated and non-responsive. It had several pages of overly technical content, and it didn't have a lot of the functionality that modern sites need. It was our job to build a new site with all the tools the SinoVeda team needed for success.

We saw the opportunity to take a website that lacked a lot of necessary visuals and create a fast, effective source of information that reflected the advanced technologies behind SinoVeda. Because the site was so content-heavy, we decided to go with a clean, minimal look. Our designers and developers worked with each other every step of the way to keep brand and function in line.


The site was easily navigable and provided visitors with a simple first-glance hierarchy. There was a lot of technical information, though, so we developed a set of icons to help interpret that information. Each icon hinted at a product’s purpose with a simple yet recognizable look. This was a challenge for human elements like the heart, which had to look real without being too complex.

Each individual page had its own special features. The Research and Development section listed each product's status and purpose, and the products could be filtered by type. Market products, on the other hand, each got their own pages containing further information about benefits and applications.

ProFlexa® Launch

One of these product pages was for ProFlexa®, SinoVeda’s new arthritis cream that relieves muscle and joint pain. The page links to the e-commerce site we built, where customers can learn more about the product and order it for themselves.

We went the extra mile and added a few handy features like the Maps section, which displayed the Edmonton office in Google Maps using a branded pin. We optimized the site for mobile and added collapsable content drawers to further condense and simplify content, so the site looked great at any size.


And that was just the front end. We built the site on WordPress, which enables the SinoVeda team to easily add and edit content whenever they want. This comes in especially handy when they're moving products from Research Development into the Products section.

The site needed to support browsers and versions all the way down to IE7, so we started at the end and designed the desktop site before the mobile version. Once both versions were ready, we made sure the site looked perfect at every screen width in between.

We added new break points at certain widths and adjusted the design at each point. This ensured that the site's responsive format would work across a range of browsers and devices. The site was even optimized for retina display with higher-quality images.

The Results

The site launched in time for the big presentation and positioned SinoVeda as a major player in pharmaceuticals. We believe that, combined with their groundbreaking products, this bold new website will inform customers, attract investors, and help SinoVeda access new markets around the world.

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