Township of North Kawartha

Connecting Community, Nature and Spirit.

What We Did

Branding, Brand Identity, Environmental Design

The Client

The Township of North Kawartha is the place to be in Central Ontario cottage country. The area is large and diverse, there's a warm cottage country feeling as each resident proudly identifies with their own unique hamlet or lake. Kawartha is made up of a community that's connected by natural heritage.

The Project

The Township is the place to be in Central Ontario cottage country, yet outside of the Township, most people can't locate them on a map. During their strategic planning, they identified the importance of tourism to the region and specifically wayfinding. A new brand identity for North Kawartha would help with their sustainability goals.


To develop a new brand, guided by the strategic vision and built on their unique geographical and cultural heritage that would position North Kawartha as the premiere "place to be" in all Ontario's cottage country.

Logo and Branding

We needed to come up with a logo and brand that was guided by their strategic vision, but also something innovative, forward-thinking that really represented the community's core values. We needed something that still left room for each hamlet and lake to contribute in their own way, reflecting their cultural heritage, including local Indigenous groups. This involved research, and working with partners and stakeholder groups. The logo chosen was a proud deer, with also has the sun and water reflections, which hints at warmth, majesty and serenity. Kawartha is majestic and serene. A place of prominence - a place to be proud of.

We developed a brand based on community. There is an emotional connection people have here, and we wanted to express this through words and visuals. "Connecting community, Nature and Spirit".


Some fresh collateral pieces were designed, which really showcased their new brand. These consisted of: business cards, office templates, a pin, decals, social media templates, website mockups and a brochure.

Environmental Design

From the start of the project, wayfinding was identified by the client. The Township consists of many hamlets and lakes, so we developed a consistent signage family to help identify them all as North Kawartha. This included entrance signage, municipal services, public services, parks, lakes, pole banners and an information kiosk.

The Results

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Environmental Design
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