Vermilion River Watershed Alliance

Working Side by Side

What We Did

Web & Video

The Client

The Vermilion River Watershed Alliance (VRWA) was incorporated as a nonprofit society in 2015. The alliance is made up of local volunteers working side by side in the watershed. Their members come from local towns and counties, federal and provincial governments, conservation groups, and the general public. VRWA is also partnered with the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA).

The Project

As a new non-profit, the VRWA needed to establish a public presence, which naturally begins with a website.. The website needed to be user friendly and intuitive, and designed to host information on the current state of the watershed, relevant events and offer ways to get involved. Most importantly, they wanted a website that could help connect people in the VRWA to each other and allow them to celebrate achievements. It also needed to include a newsletter sign-up feature, a blog and links to relevant partners. With all that content to be placed, we knew a clear user journey and easy navigation would be crucial.


Establish a public presence with a website to house content and connect people to the VRWA.


We developed a website that could house the multitude of content with a comfortable flow and engaging content, including a place to house the many reports and a full photo gallery.


To build a more personal brand, the VRWA wanted to put a face to the organization while providing information about the watershed and the work they do, so we were tasked with creating a video to do just that.

Over the course of several days, our video crew travelled around Vermilion and it’s surrounding area to capture footage of the watershed and interviews with many of its inhabitants. The varied natural landscapes provided a wealth of visual beauty to help bring the watershed ecosystem to life on screen. Coupling these visuals with the interviews and a scripted narrative to tie the video together, the end result was VRWA video that can educate, inform, and inspire their community members for years to come.

The Results