MacEwan University


What We Did


The Client

With it’s accreditation as a degree-granting organization, combined with ambitious growth plans, and strong support from both community and government, MacEwan is evolving into a world-class learning institution. Habit was able to support their growth with the creation of new brands for their social-enterprise hub (Roundhouse), and their world renowned early childhood development programs (ELM and Flight), among others. Roundhouse is a co-working space that inspires a community of changemakers through collaboration and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Project

When MacEwan approached Habit with their idea for a co-working space to support social enterprise in Edmonton they knew they needed a solid brand that represented their values and their commitment to the community.


Create a meaningful name and an impactful brand for their social enterprise space.


MacEwan needed a name for this project. We created a name that is memorable, enduring and trustworthy, with deep roots in the community. A recent discovery of a CN Rail archaeological site on the very ground where the new structure would be placed inspired our team. A roundhouse was a railroad facility where trains would gather and then be routed on their new path. The shape of the logo also represents a First Nations talking circle, in which participants sit in a circle to ensure each person’s voice has equal importance. Our intent was to create a space and a brand that signified a similar coming-together and the discovery of new directions.

From the name, we began crafting a brand story using a voice and tone that got our stakeholders excited about the possibility of a friendly, energetic and inclusive brand to identify the space and its impact on the community.

The Results

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